NCfN pledges support to Nuclear Sector Gender Commitment

Posted 3 months ago


The National College for Nuclear has pledged its support to have 40% of the nuclear sector held by women by 2030.

The NCfN has now received a certificate to mark its support to the Nuclear Skills Strategy Group and Women in Nuclear (WiN) Gender Commitment.

There has been a 70%, 30% split of male and female students at the NCfN across both of its hubs at Lakes College in Cumbria and Bridgwater & Taunton College near Somerset over the past three years. And those at the nuclear college are confident this figure will continue to balance out over the coming years.

Steve Naylor, chair of National College for Nuclear, said: "This pledge is of great importance to the National College for Nuclear and we are pleased to support the 40% target.

"At the NCfN we are passionate about achieving a gender balance among our students, and happy to see our figures are reflecting this."

The government aim is to build a more diverse workforce which would include 40% of women by 2030.

Organisations as well as individuals can pledge their commitment. This can be done by visiting