We are delighted to announce a MOU has been signed between NCfN and WINS

WINS and NCfN have a shared interest in ensuring that the nuclear industry and other stakeholders understand and are committed to the importance of nuclear security and resilience. The Parties believe that cooperation between the two organisations in these areas of common interest will contribute to the overall joint goal of facilitating the safe and secure use of nuclear and other radioactive materials and opens the dialogue for the WINS Academy CNSP and CRSP certification programmes to be recognised by NCfN.



Helen Higgs, NCfN Chair said “We at the National College for Nuclear (NCfN) are excited to develop a significant and lasting relationship with the World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS). Together we hope to increase the educational outreach of WINS in the UK and develop an increased awareness and professionalism in the field of nuclear security. NCfN are proud to be associated with a prestigious and international organisation and we will aim to increase access to the flexible delivery of this learning in the UK Civil Sector.”


When asked for a comment on this development, WINS’ Executive Director Lars van Dassen said, “This agreement marks a milestone and a different way in which we are helping to train nuclear security professionals in the UK through tapping into the NCfN network. In addition, this agreement highlights our shared and continued vision of helping to ensure the secure use of nuclear and other radioactive materials around the world.”