Benefits of collaborating with NCfN

Benefits of collaborating with NCfN

Why partner with NCfN?

NCfN are in the best position to provide employers with practical solutions to meet their skills needs and to respond to new technological advances and initiatives quickly. We assure the ability, capacity and capability of providers to meet those needs to provide work-ready students for nuclear. We work closely with employers to facilitate sector transfers, including those from declining sectors such as oil and gas and those moving sectors such as MoD, in a pragmatic and efficient way.

As an employer, you gain:

  • A role in bridging the higher technical skills gap in the labour market and increasing the nations productivity, helping to deliver the Nuclear Sector Deal;
  • A pipeline of educated, trained, work-ready, students possessing the relevant nuclear knowledge, skills and behaviours to work competently;
  • Potential employees fully versed with the expectations of working in high hazard environments thereby reducing deployment and onboarding times;
  • Quality assured qualifications created or approved by NCfN to meet your needs;
  • Academic products that underpin education and skills in a nuclear context;
  • Benefit of the transferability of national standardisation of qualifications;
  • Innovative scaled industrial models and virtual reality simulation to “near real” nuclear workplace utilising experiential and immersive learning;
  • Targeted, effective and timely responses to organisation and individual skills needs;
  • Optimisation of apprenticeship levy opportunities, linking education to underpin apprentice standards.

Any questions?

For any questions regarding NCfN courses, employer needs, how to study with us or becoming an Approved Provider, contact our Enquiries Team.