Strategy refresh for the National College for Nuclear

We are delighted to be able to launch our refreshed strategy for the National College for Nuclear. We have taken time to understand the impact that changes in Government strategy may have on our business and in launching our strategy 2022-2025, we have reset our ambition to meet the revised needs of Government and our nuclear employers in the nuclear industry.

We will focus on delivering against three strategic themes:

Strategic Theme 1: Nuclear Skills: This is about ensuring we support industry to de-risk scarce skill shortages and deliver the required work ready workforce for nuclear employers.

Strategic Theme 2: Net Zero Skills: This is about working with other sectors (renewables and low/zero carbon) and skills bodies, to identify and develop common standards and curriculum to close skills gaps and support a mobile workforce.

Strategic Theme 3: Skills innovation & Connectivity: This is about partnering and building relationships to understand the needs of employers and learners and apply innovative learning techniques to enable inclusive learning.

We look forward to building on our reputation and evolving our place in the market to deliver critical skills for the nuclear industry.

For more information, click on our strategy page in the About us section of the website.